Who doesn’t love the feeling of freshly washed, soft, and fragrant hair? And who wouldn’t like the texture and fragrance that lasts into the next few days as well? So, if you find yourself spritzing your locks with your day-to-day perfume to make your hair feel fresher and leave a fragrant trail, then you need to switch to a dedicated hair mist. 

Spraying perfume through your locks regularly can cause your hair to become dry and damaged. If you are trying to prevent your hair from getting dry or greasy, avoid spritzing perfume in the hair because oils in it might speed up that process. 

A quick glimpse of Hair mist

The idea is a bit fast, as life makes our hair constantly exposed to dirt and dust. Thus, it makes the hair sweat, and your hair starts stinking. Quickly often, shampoo or hair wash has become a challenge. So, to overcome this problem, one can make use of hair mist. 

You need to spray it either twice or thrice in one shot around your hair, and it makes your hair smell good. In order to get the best hair mist, you can opt for perfume shops in Dubai and get the best one for your hair.

Why should one use a Hair Mist?

A hair mist is a formulated perfume for your hair, and one can refresh it in between washes. It is designed to be worn on your hair instead of your skin, enriched with active ingredients needed for your hair. Besides, it avoids perfume ingredients that make your hair dry and frizzy. Many hair veils of mist are multitaskers and provide scent and styling. Apart from this, they tend to be a little cheaper. 

The fragrance stays longer in your hair than in your skin. Therefore many women apply perfume on their hair to make the fragrance long-lasting. But applying perfume or cologne to your hair is not a good idea since it can spoil your hair and make it dry. Hence, hair mist or hair perfume is the best option to make you fragrant throughout the day.

Is hair mist good for your hair?

Hair perfume or hair mist is the best-fragranced product, and it is specially designed to use on hair or scalp. Moreover, hair perfumes contain ingredients that nourish, condition, and bring shine to your hair and remove the bad odor from the scalp. 

Hair perfumes are often used in order to add a light fragrance to dry or oily hair. These are great for your hair, and when used correctly, it gives the best fragrance all day long. Here we have defined some of the key features of using hair perfume:

1: Hair perfume contains oils to nourish your hair with a gentle fragrance.

2: It contains a UV filter and adds shine to hair.

3: Can help cover cigarette smells, cooking smells, work-out sweat smells, and polluted air.

4: Helps to get the chlorine out after a swim.

5: These are great for extended days and might use hair sprays that last longer in the sun than regular perfume.  

What is the purpose of a hair mist?

There is no doubt that everyone experiences smelly hair from time to time. So, spraying your favorite perfume on your hair might help, and it cannot damage hair in the long term by drying it out. So, for a quick fix, you must try this formula made for hair, such as hair mist, dry shampoo, and hair serum. In the end, how you treat your hair is up to you, and there are several solutions that one can experiment with. 

One can consider hair mists as the safest alternative to perfume, and these sprays are intended to leave a lasting scent without drying out or damaging your hair. 

How to wear a Hair Mist?

Hair Mist is a subtle, final detail, and one can apply it at the end of your beauty and hairstyling routine. Although if you are looking for a quick fresh, you can apply some dry shampoo immediately before using a hair mist. 

Before applying it, you need to shake the bottle and then spray mist over your hair. In order to get the best result, you need to try flipping your hair upside down and then to lift it in your hands so that the spray can get into the roots of your hair. Also, you need to run your fingers or comb gently through your hair to spread the scent a little further, and you are good to go. 

What is a good hair mist?

Everyone enjoys the joy of an amazing perfume as it keeps your body smelling fresh and lovely. Now, there are fragrances created for hair too. Since hair is porous and remains aromatic thus, it often needs a refresh in between shampooing. This also means that perfume lingers for longer and makes your hair perfumes an amazing option for those who want their scent to last. 

However, if you cannot get enough of smelling irresistible, hair perfume or mists are the next shops for you. These are a great way to freshen up your hair, and it gives a nice freshness, and you feel great. One can choose many options, and we have picked some of the best hair perfumes and mists. 


Valentino Voce Viva perfume gives you a personal, intimate, alluring fragrance and leaves a mark. This fragrance envelops you with a floral bouquet of jasmine and orange. When wearing this perfume gives you a contemporary intensity of the scent. 

Valentino Voce Viva for Women Perfumed Hair Mist 30 Ml

So, one should use this fabulous Valentino Voce Viva Hair Mist through the hair, and it will hold the scent all day and tantalize everyone when you move. Thus, you need to lift the hair and spray near the neck to get warm through the fragrance. 


Though today the product is not much solely a fragrance. But we all have heard about Mugler Alien as this is one of the most iconic fragrances of the Mugler, and it was one of the first scents introduced by the fragrance collection.  


Alien is a warm floral and contains unique blends of Jasmine Sambac, Amber Gris, and Cashmeran Wood. Moreover, this fragrance is revealed in a new interpretation. Introducing Alien hair mist is scented with the great radiant, sensual, and vibrant perfume notes. These are enriched with nourishing oils to infuse and refresh hair. 


Introducing you to the Amazing Creation Hair Mist simply adds a fragrant aura with the high-ended essence of the Amazing creation. These are enriched in Patchouli, Orange, Turkish Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla, and a lot more. While wearing this hair mist, it can uplift your mood, and you can also carry this bottle easily into a handbag. This is easy to use, and any time of the day, it enhances the fragrance trail. 



Introducing you to one of the best hair mist Ajmal Amber. Time to crown your glory and add a fragrant aura to your credit with the essence of Ajmal. It is enriched with Amber Santal, and the sensuousness of Amber Wood makes you more intense in the crowd. When you use this hair mist, it marks your presence with the opulent essence of Amber. If talking about its notes: 


Its Top Notes include:

Spicy Pepper, Cypress, and Nutmeg, However, it comes with a passionate heart of sandalwood and incense. Also, a Woody Amery base comes along with the strains of Patchouli, Cedarwood, Amber, and Sandalwood. Although, if you are looking to crown your glory, you need to spray Hair Mist onto your brush or directly on your hair as a ritual. 

You are the best when choosing a fragrant mist enriched with patchouli and Amber. Thus, there is no need to think, and you just need to spray it on your hairbrush or directly to the hair. Whatever, you decide no doubt, you will shine. 


It is one of the elegant and spirited fragrances which highlights the beauty of gardens with a bright scent and enthuses the senses of energy. Its floral fragrance opens with the top notes of Raspberry and Black Pepper. You can also get the best hair mist for men and make your hair smell nice and fresh.


On the other end, middle notes consist of peony and geranium softly and blend with the soft notes of Amber and Patchouli. It finishes the fragrance with a truly feminine scent. The feminine notes of Peonia become the main characters of the odor, and one experiences the smell by the natural movement of the hair. This formula is enriched with a conditioning agent and leaves your hair shiny and soft. 

However, a refined interpretation of the peony flower comes up with elegance in the fragrance. Its intense floral heart reveals sumptuous notes of peony, combined with the brightness of geranium. Its beautiful tones of amber embrace the melting notes of patchouli.

Is hair mist the same as perfume? 

With a growing selection of perfumes, you might be wondering why you need a hair mist? Well, for those who are looking for a long-lasting fragrance from the moment they step out of their home, the hair mist is a staple for hair fragrance. Both the hair mist and hair perfume are the same thing that one can apply.