Samawa offers you the perfect gift idea for the upcoming holidays: CUSTOMIZED PERFUMES! You have a chance to make your own perfume according to the scents and the kind of ingredients you wish to be put in. You not only decide the making of the perfume but also the bottle design/texts and the packaging. So what can I say it's the whole package! This would not only give you an opportunity to personalize your gifts but also gives you the pleasure of knowing what your own perfume contains. These perfumes can be produced in quantities or as a single product for events or occasions such as birthdays and weddings, or just to send greetings to your clients or guests. The perfumes are a unique idea in terms of gifts or presents as you could give them to your loved ones or your clients during special occasions.

Design your Personalized Perfume Gift

Firstly, in terms of choosing the scent, every new creation, top, middle, and base notes are always balanced ensuring a perfect blend. That means you can find your perfect perfume in a few steps. During the planning sessions, you can decide the characteristics of your preferred fragrances or choose from the variety of fragrance oils that smells similar to best sellers of well-known perfume brands.
Secondly, you can also customize around the perfume bottles. We have a team of graphic designers who can help design the bottle. This would enable you to add in your pictures or brand's logo or any other texts specified for the occasion.
Lastly, you are also able to make your own package design, enabling you to express your creativity and personalize it for the clients. This is a simple step in customizing the product or the gift but makes a huge difference as it would be the first thing the receiver sets their eyes upon. Therefore, having option to perfect every aspect of the perfume really is a chance that should not be taken for granted.

 The process of making the perfume, from choosing the basic ingredients to designing the packaging is one that would take few days of planning to ensure the best of quality. After the planning, it would take approximately 2-3 days to produce the final product. The final perfume that is produced would be completely worth the effort taken to design and make the perfumes as they have been made with caution and are unique to every customer.

Perfume Gift Sets

Additionally, you could combine perfumes or other gift items to make a perfect perfume gift set for any occasion. Products that are the most loved gifts include miniature perfumes , bakhoor and cosmetics. Prophet Mohammed used to love getting oud perfume as a gift and if you are gifting a Muslim friend of yours, you could consider buying an oud perfume gift.

All gifts can be gift wrapped in Samawa, the perfect gift ideas for any special occasion, including Birthday, Wedding, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Christmas; whatever the occasion, we have it covered.