Knowing how to apply perfume has to be an integral part of your personal and professional style. People tend to remember your smell and wearing a good fragrance is a great confidence booster. If you are looking to buy good scents, choosing original perfume online in the UAE is the best choice.

There are many distinct ways of applying body perfumes, and it gives you an overwhelming whiff to every person. One can quickly master the art of using perfumes when knowing the right ways of it. To buy your favorite scents, you can choose Samawa and remain fragrant throughout the day.

Learning how to appreciate fragrances and the best way to use them,  will leave you scented for a longer time. Below are some of the tips:

1: Apply Perfume After Shower:

The perfect time to apply your perfume is after a shower. After taking a bath, you need to gently towel your skin and spray the scent to your pulse points. In this way, the pores will soak up the smell and leave your skin smelling nice all day long. Try not to apply the perfume when you find your skin is wet. 


2: Moisturize or Apply Petroleum Jelly:

Usually, this tip works well for those who have dry skin and struggle to retain fragrance all day. You need to moisturize your skin so that it can absorb the scent. Moisturizing your body will also protect your skin from the irritation caused by the alcohol present in your perfume. Using petroleum jelly is an excellent moisture shield, and it will also encourage your fragrance blend to last for a longer time. You can massage it onto your skin and then proceed to spray yourself with your favorite perfume

3: Spray Perfume on Pulse Points:

There are certain areas in your body where the veins are very close to the skin. Your body generates the most heat at your pulse points, and it can help intensify your fragrance and help amplify your scent. Spray the perfume at these pulse points: wrists, elbows, nape of the neck, and behind your ears.

Spray Perfume on Pulse Points:

4: Don’t Rub:

Many people have the habit of instantly rubbing their wrists together after being sprayed on. Thus, you need to stop this habit as it breaks down the fragrance. Rubbing your wrists together will cause the top notes to break down and quickly fade away. And your fragrance will not last long. 

5: Add it to your Body Lotion:

One can extend the lifespan of their fragrance by mixing it with unscented body lotion. You need to add a few sprays to the cream in your hand and then apply it to your body. In this way, you smell lovely all day long. 

6: Spray on your Hairbrush:

Hair holds the fragrance much longer than your body. You can apply a little perfume to your hairbrush and then run it through your hair. Remember that you need to avoid spraying directly on your hair as the alcohol present in the perfume can damage your hair. A better option is to use a hair mist instead of using a perfume spray since hair mist is made to perfume the hair.

Spray on your Hairbrush


7: Don’t Shake Perfume Bottle:

Most people naturally pick up a perfume bottle and start shaking it, which is entirely wrong. If you are looking to achieve better results, try not to shake the perfume bottle to disturb its fragrance. Also, it reduces the quality of the perfume. 


Everyone loves to smell nice all day long, but applying perfume in the wrong way keeps you away from staying fragrant. If you are the type of person who spends most of their day away from home and hates to carry perfume bottles everywhere, then you can follow the above steps, and it will keep your fragrance lasting longer. To buy perfumes that will last for a longer time, you can choose from a vast collection at Samawa perfume, and keep your body fragrant all day long.