Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have to choose which perfume you want to buy and the choices that you only have are Arabic or Middle Eastern and a French perfume?

Before we go any further on this topic, I want to let you know that this is also published on Samawa Global's blog page. Samawa is a manufacturer and a distributor of Arabic and French perfumes in the middle east for over 10 years.

Now, just imagine the dilemma one has to go through in this kind of situation. Let’s imagine that you just landed for the first time here in Dubai, UAE. You have been invited to a function so you have to speak and rub elbows with the shakers and movers in town. In your mind, you'll say that everything should be perfect, right?

So, there you are at the Airport and queuing up in Dubai Duty-Free. As you may have previously known that Dubai is a metropolitan city and has a bit of everything.

Sounds familiar, right? Yes.

That's right! The only question now is which one do you want to buy? Arabic or French perfumes?

Since this article is about Arabic Perfume, I will focus more on it and we will discuss French perfumes later on in another article.

You might have heard that Arabic Perfumes are too strong. Some say that it's because of the Oud. It's so prominent that you can smell it yards away and lingers on the air for hours. Look, I might be exaggerating but there may be some truth to it.

OUD? What is it?

Ehem, let me quote Wikipedia in here. According to Wikipedia, Oud is a "fragrant dark resinous wood used in incense, perfume, and small carvings.". At first, Oud is odorless but when is it being infected by certain species of mold it emits a fragrance as its defense. As the molds attack the oud tree, which is by the way called Agarwood or Aloes, it produces a dark aromatic resin that embeds itself into the heartwood. The result of heartwood then is now being valued by many for its distinctive fragrance which is being used for perfumes and incense.

Arabic Perfumes are exotic while carrying a touch of middle eastern local traditions. Arabic perfumes have topped up the list with bold, heavy and long lasting fragrances with Oud, Musk and Amber as its main ingredients.

Tips to Wear Arabic Perfumes

  • If you want your  fragrance to last long, we recommend wearing it on wrists, behind ears, or knees. 
  • Arabic perfumes last long due to their strong fragrance compared to other scents, so it is significant to use them in the right amount.
  • Mix up your scents well, as the regular wearing of the same perfume will get to blend with your body chemistry so well, and anyone around you will not smell it. Mixing your scent within few days will prevent it from the fade smell.
  • To get the fragrance all day long, the best practice is to apply it on your skin before putting on the clothes and jewelry.
  • To enjoy your perfume and its strong exotic fragrance, we recommend storing your Arabic perfumes in a cool and dry place.